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MESSAGE FROM THE EMU PARK GOLF CLUB - UPDATE 10/4/20 - Course has reopened
CLUB HOUSE CLOSED BUT COURSE REOPEN .... with very strict conditions.

At 9pm on 24 March the Club received permission to reopen the Course UNDER SOME VERY STRICT CONDITIONS. (As you all well can understand)

Course opened from Monday 13th April. Time 8am to 2pm 7 Days per week.
Only 1 allowed per cart ($20 : 00) -
2 Players only in Group - 10 Minutes between Groups.
Social Distancing to be Practised

Once your round is finished you must leave the Golf Club area and there is absolutely no post game congrugating at Club House or BBQ area Carts will be sanitised by EPGC after each completed round

NOTE: Other Conditions do apply - You will be informed of these when paying

Note You can still buy snacks and soft drinks etc from the Club for your round of golf.... but ... Any Takeaway Alcohol purchased must be immediately taken from the Club and Course Area

To Email the Secretary email: CLICK HERE

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